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JP Morgan Compliance Associate Salary 收入

收入 Income:

“Compliance Associate(年資 Years of experience:4-6年): 月收入 Monthly Income HK$55,000 + Bonus” – Anonymous – 10.2.2018

公司所在地區 Location of Company:

“香港 / Hong Kong” – Anonymous – 10.2.2018

工時合理 Hours :

“正常日子 Normal Day:9:00am – 7:00pm

繁忙日子 Busy :7:30 am – 8:00pm” – Anonymous – 10.2.2018

晉升前景 Career Prospect:

“There are promotions within the firm. It seems good performance won’t go unheard, there will be some kind of recognition and reward, though not necessarily on monetary terms”– Anonymous – 10.2.2018

工作範圍 Scope of Work:

“Advise business on compliance matters ”– Anonymous – 10.2.2018

快樂指數 Are you happy?:

“Most of the colleagues are friendly, encourage people to take initiative and innovate” – Anonymous – 10.2.2018

入職攻略 Application Tips:

“Interview, 2nd Round or more interviews

Be able to articulate your response to questions in a clear manner. Be prepared for in depth questions on your experience.”– Anonymous – 10.2.2018

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