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Sidley Austin LLP律師行收入


“Trainee 2: $49,000″ – Anonymous 19.8.2015

“Trainee 1: 月收入 HK $43,000 Trainee 2: 月收入 HK $76,000

NQ: 月收入 HK $100,000+ PQE1: 月收入 HK$110,000+” – Anonymous 27.9.2014



空閒日子:朝9晚11” – Anonymous 27.9.2014


“頂級美國律師行,專注投資基金對沖基金Hedge funds客戶。 晉升前景一流,沒有retain 下來的trainees同常去其他同級US firms。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014


“Investment funds and Hedge funds投資基金對沖基金, Banking and finance銀行業務, Capital Markets 資本市場 (DCM + ECM), Private Equity 私募基金, Projects and energy 項目投資與能源, Regulatory 監管合規與訴訟, International arbitration國際仲裁” – Anonymous 27.9.2014


“非常高壓力,但回報亦非常可觀。奧巴馬也是Sidley的alumni,proud to be a part of SA,優越程度可見一斑。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014


“GPA 3.6以上可考慮報TC,否則不用浪費時間。不定期請trainees,需要留意Sidley官網。” – Anonymous 27.9.2014

轉載請註明StealJobs.com及原作者。 StealJobs全面透露各行各業人工,工時,晉升前景,以及入行攻略,歡迎匿名提供收入資料。 Employers or publishers who object to the above content please read SJ Community Guidelines and contact us via email or Facebook message. The above content is mere opinion of the submitter(s), not facts, not from an official source, and might be inaccurate.

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