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-All tutors did LNAT and graduated from Oxford, LSE ,Cambridge etc

-Materials designed by LNAT expert, which provides concrete guidance on challenging reading contents, and consolidate the skills needed to ace in the LNAT’S essay section

-After the lesson with our LNAT expert,  we guarantee you will understand exam format  confused you for a long time and feel more confident about acing exam questions.

- Private lesson one on on coaching available 

If you are interested to get a free copy of Ultimate LNAT Exam guide, you can click HERE to download

Our Testimonials: 

"Lawbooster tutors are not only knowledgeable in their fields but also approachable; willing and able to answer any questions I had on hand. Overall, I'm really happy that i had Lawbooster as my LNAT coach and I can definitely say that the feeling of accomplishment after receiving my score made all the hard work worth it! "

- Yuqi, KGV

"LNAT lessons offered by Lawbooster are really professional and most importantly exam based, since i already got a very packed schedule for my IB exams, the lnat exam exam prep here really helped me to achieve top grades. "

- Allen, South Island School. 

"My IB grades were 42, but i was kind of afraid that i couldn't make it to the oxford law degree, after helping a crash course here, i was able to score 30/42, which the average on that year was 20. And thank you lawbooster, i finally got into oxford!"

- Brian, DBS. 

We helped over 600 students in LNAT and PCLL Conversion exam, for more testimonials please go to student recognition page.

Ultimate LNAT Exam guide - Free Download

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